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What Are You Really Doing Dr. Chen? Part II

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Feeling, Knowing, and Treating.

There’s always more to the story, isn’t there?

In my last entry, I spoke about my love of learning, finding the deficiencies (holes) in our medical techniques (in both Western Allopathic Medicine as well as Complementary and Alternative Therapies), and the need to perceive the subtle energy (Qi, Prana, etc.) well enough that one could truly determine the validity of an energetic healing technique.

That’s a pretty good way to begin explaining what I’m up to, but it’s not nearly enough of an explanation of what else I’m doing on my meditation sabbatical. So here’s the second explanation of what I’m doing.

Like most physicians, I’m good at what I do, in terms of Western Allopathic Medicine. I understand the cause and treatments of the common diseases that affect humans. I understand the “correct” way to “work up” (that is, find out more about), a disease that’s a bit nebulous or confusing. I follow the course of these diseases once they’re fully diagnosed, and I can prescribe the correct medications and adjust them when the clinical and lab results warrant changes to the medication regimen. When I’m out of my league in terms of medical expertise, I refer to the appropriate specialist, and work with them to improve the health of my patients.

What I’ve described above is the typical practice of Western Allopathic Medicine. What I haven’t made explicit, is that there is quite a bit of trial and error that goes into the entire process of working up, diagnosing, and treating a disease. To reduce the trial and error, we rely on imaging studies such as X-Rays and MRI’s, blood work, clinical judgement, and seeing the change in diseases over the course of time in relationship to our treatments. In short, we’re pretty good at figuring things out, given enough data in the form of patient interviews, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory studies.

But the problem that I see is that we’re still missing crucial bits of information. These bits include, “what’s really going on with the disease or illness? How did it start? What’s going to happen to this disease in the future?” These bits of information are the next frontier of the unknown. Given the current state of medical science, it’s quite difficult to answer these questions. We simply can’t answer these questions for every disease state.

But what if we could? What if there was a way to know?

As you may have guessed, that’s exactly what I’m after. I’d like to be able to take a look at you, have a discussion with you, and really understand your disease – and your illnesses (your personal experience of your diseases). I want to not just have some guesses about the nature of your health issues and where they’re going. I want to KNOW.

Imagine how much time and effort, heartache, and stress I could save both of us, if I KNOW for sure what’s going on with your health? It’s an immense, almost unfathomable amount. This KNOWING is what I’m after.

So here I am, on a long meditation sabbatical – learning how to perceive more and more subtle things about myself, and about other people. Already, I can feel the KNOWING creeping in. I sit in front of someone, and with us both in a meditative state, I can FEEL what’s going on with their body from an energetic standpoint. I can feel their energetic body, their Qi, without needing to talk, ask questions, or touch them. Once I FEEL their Qi, I KNOW what’s going on with their health.

This already sounds pretty good, but it requires that both of us are in a meditative state, and it takes a bit of time. Through my meditation work, I’m working on improving the speed of my FEELING, improving the accuracy of my KNOWING, and working on being able to TREAT my patient’s Qi while we’re just sitting there – treatments that, if I get it right, should result in physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Furthermore, I’m working on not needing my patient to be in a meditative state, and working on a form of this technique that may even help me FEEL, KNOW and TREAT over a distance, such that it’s not necessary that we’re in the same room, at the same time.

Imagine a Physician with the ability to intuitively FEEL, KNOW, and TREAT your diseases from an energetic perspective that results in real world benefits to your physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Combine that with all the tools and techniques that are already available to that physician, both from the Western Allopathic Medicine side, as well as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine side. Imagine the benefits to you, as the patient.

My developing an intuitive FEELING, KNOWING, and TREATING of your diseases will lead to immense benefits to your health. To me, developing these skills is worth all the time and effort I’m spending deep in meditation, and I’m quite confident I’ll develop enough of these skills to make seeing me worth your time in the future.

Thanks for reading and understanding what I’m really working on. Your support means everything to me.

Yours in Health, Dr. Chen



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