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Announcing The Chen Center!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

After months of preparation, I'm excited to announce that The Chen Center will be opening on August 26th, 2019, in Reno, NV!


What is The Chen Center?

The Chen Center is a clinic that many have asked me to open for years and will be dedicated to enhancing your health and wellness, preventing illness and reversing disease.

This practice is quite special to me and is the first time that I'm formally adding Western Medicine back into my medical practice. Of course, as you might expect, it's not only Western Medicine - it's Integrative Medicine, meaning that I finally have the opportunity to put my experience in multiple disciplines of medicine to work.

What I love about Integrative Medicine is that it gives me the opportunity to view your health and illnesses from multiple perspectives that often provide a much more cohesive understanding of the multiple imbalances that affect health and well-being. Not only can we understand the imbalances of your health but we can address these imbalances through a multitude of means - including changes in your environment, diet and nutrition, physical activity, mental and emotional outlook, and even spiritual changes.

I believe that looking at health from the Integrative framework is the most effective way to not only return you to a state of health, but to help you fully understand how to maintain your health and vitality.

For those individuals who want access to the full spectrum of my Integrative Medicine services, The Chen Center is offering a (very) limited number of Concierge Integrative Medicine memberships (starting Mid-Autumn). For members of this program, I will strive to learn everything about your health, including what has happened to you in the past, and where you are presently, spend quite a bit of time understanding the possibilities of where your health will take you in the future and how we can guide you towards the best possible outcomes.

In addition, The Chen Center will offer Medical (Group and Private) Acupuncture Sessions, what I consider to be the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects for most conditions, combining the styles of multiple grand-masters of acupuncture.


I'm hope you are as excited as I am to announce this new chapter of my medical work!

Please head over to for further information, or call (775)451-CHEN (2436) to schedule an appointment!


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