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On Change

Context: A colleague of mine is in the process of giving up something that has been near and dear to her heart for many years.

Change is inevitable.

But it allows us to move on with our lives. Allows us to have different chapters, different experiences.

Indeed, without change, there is no growth. Without the uncertainty of change, there can be no forward motion.

In our world, we often think of working to achieve static balance. “When I achieve this, or acquire this, things will be perfect”. The I Ching (Yi Jing), the Classic text of Change in Daoist philosophy, teaches us that at the height of perfection (static balance), we must prepare for downfall, as the only possible direction is downwards.

The only way to escape the trap of perfection resulting in downfall, is to accept the necessity of change in our lives... or put another way, the necessity of a dynamic balance. Perfection intermixed with imperfection. Or more precisely, perfection found within the imperfection.

Every step in your journey brings perfection and the imperfect.

Revel in the imperfect, as you do the perfect, for in some ways, they are the same.

I believe in you, as we all do.


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