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Chinese Element Reading

Answers to your Life Questions Using Four Pillars (BaZi, 八字) & I Ching (Yi Jing,易經 ) Reading

As humans, we're keenly interested in understanding ourselves. We take surveys and tests to understand our personality, but the results we receive give us only part of the picture of ourselves. 

How can we truly learn about ourselves ?  How can we integrate our past experiences and get a sense of our future possibilities?

One way to do this is through a mantic analysis that calculates the ambient forces of Qi  that were in play during your birth, and that continue to influence the course of your life.  

Over the years of practicing Four Pillars Analysis, otherwise known as 8 Character (BaZi 八字) Analysis, I have found the results to be so accurate that I routinely perform a basic analysis on each one of my patients and use the information to guide my treatments.  

I'd like to offer you the opportunity to receive a Four Pillars Analysis from me.  This  can be done in person or over Skype.   We'll discuss many things about you - your personality and tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.  We can discuss your health, including current and future health status, and how to set yourself up for your best health. We can discuss your relationships, including appropriate business or romantic partners, as well as children.  We can discuss your dreams and plans for the future, and how they fit into your personal pathway. 

In general, my job is to answer your deepest questions about your life and your relationships.  No question is too difficult for us to take a look at.  Is there a question you need answer to?  Let me help you.  

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