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Hello Seeker!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Such a funny place, a virtual space to connect with those who are looking for me.  I’ve recently made quite a few changes in my life – a beginning, rather than an ending.  If you’re here because you’ve been affected by my life changes, I hope that this too is a beginning, rather than an ending for you.

The intent of this website and this blog is for us to keep in touch.  I’ll write about my journeys and experiences and random thoughts.  In terms of the design, it’s no frills for now, but my intent is to get it up and active first, then add the frills later.

Who knows how far this will take us?  In any case, the goal is the same as always – to improve the health and wellness of everyone.  Stay tuned for more!

with Loving Kindness –

Dr C


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