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Healing with Healing One

I'm proud to announce that, in a week or two, I'll start taking my first patients at Healing One, Reno's local Balanced Float Center, which also offers Massage & Bodywork, Energy Healing, and Infrared Sauna. As I wrote in my last post, I'll be offering Medical Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine services, including Chinese Metaphysics consultations. Can you still ask me Western Medicine questions? Of course. However, as usual, I'll likely not write you a prescription for a pharmaceutical, instead preferring to point you towards complementary therapies and natural remedies to treat your ailments. Also, I always do want you to have your own primary care physician and physician specialists. Don't stop seeing your other physicians & healthcare providers, or stop your medications because you're seeing me. As you know, it is my strong belief that the best use of Integrative Medicine & Complementary and Alternative Therapies is always in conjunction with appropriate Western Medical diagnostics and treatment plans.

Many of my patients over the years have inquired whether or not I would ever open up my own medical clinic or return to Renown. On my return to Reno, I did indeed consider these options, but then realized that I wanted to put my time and effort towards seeing patients in a progressive environment, working to improve their health and wellness, rather than spending my time and effort establishing and managing a clinic. Thank you for your understanding.

I look forward to seeing you - both familiar and new faces at my new practice in the near future!

With loving kindness,

Dr. Chen


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