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Chinese & Western Medicine Physician, Teacher, Author

Current Online Courses Offered By Dr Chen
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Demystifying the Theory of the Five Elements – 2022 – On-demand Course.

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Chinese Astrology (BaZi)

Constitutional Diagnosis and Calendrical Calculations – Live Course 2023

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Five Element Course
on Net of Knowledge

The Five Phases of Ba Zi Chinese Astrology - More Than a Beginner’s Intro.
A recommended adjunct to the Intro class, any Chinese Astrology or Feng Shui classes.

Acupuncture Tools

Distance Acupuncture

Distance Acupuncture Level 1 – Online Course – Recorded November 2021

Dr. Chen is the originator of the Chen Distance Acupuncture Technique, and is the published author of journal articles on Medical Acupuncture and Hyperbaric Oxygen.  He believes that illness and disease have physical, emotional, and spiritual causes, and that attention to each of these components is required for full resolution. 


Dr. Chen is the Founder and Director of The Chen Center for Integrative Medicine and is the Emeritus Founder and Director of the Medical Acupuncture clinic and the Integrative Primary Care clinic at Renown Health, all located in Reno, Nevada. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Medicine, and has lectured internationally on a variety of Integrative, Eastern and Western Medicine topics for organizations including The Academy of Acupuncture, The Tan Academy of Balance, The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, TedX, and Mensa.  



Speaking Engagements
Acupuncture Close Up

Harmonizing your energetic body to allow your physical body to heal


Synthesizing your Western Medicine treatments, looking for ways to add or subtract natural therapies for maximum benefit to your health

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The use of Chinese and Western Divination practices to gain a deeper understanding of YOU

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